Introducing your child to Early Education – what to consider

St Nicholas Operations Manager, Kerri Armstrong answers some of the most common questions parents may have in the lead up to introducing your child to an Early Education Centre.

As Operations Manager of St Nicholas, I often meet parents who are new to the Early Education sector, and may not be sure what to expect both from what services a centre can offer and also some ideas on how to successfully transition their child into an early education centre. These are some of the most common questions I’ve been asked, however more information is available on our website at or you can contact us to discuss.

Will parents and children be given an opportunity to visit the Newcastle West site prior to opening?

At St Nicholas Early Education we aim to assist and support parents through the process of settling your little one into care. On accepting an enrolment offer, parents will be provided with information as to their expected start date and also the orientation of your family into our environment.

During your orientation visit you will be introduced to educators who will be caring for your child and also provided with information as to the curriculum and program offered in that leaning environment. Parents are encouraged to provide us with information about their child , and in particular what their special interests are.

What if my child is upset on his/her first day at St Nicholas?

On the first day at St Nicholas we encourage parents to spend some time involving your child in an activity. When the time comes to leave , your childs  educator will support you with saying goodbye and reassure your little one that you will be back later to collect them. Please be assured that most children settle within 15 minutes.

Feel free to call us throughout the day to see how your child has settled.

How quickly do you expect children to settle into St Nicholas?

As St Nicholas Newcastle West is a brand new centre, we expect that all children will take some time to settle into both the routine of Early Education and also the physical surroundings. This may vary depending on each individual child, however we expect most children to be settled into St Nicholas within the first fortnight of operation.

Whatever the situation, we at St Nicholas do not allow children to be distressed for a long period and will notify you if this was the case.

How is does the school readiness program prepare children for kindergarten?

St Nicholas is committed to providing children with the best start to their schooling life and making the transition into kindergarten as smooth as possible.

In all of our preschool programs we provide activities to foster children’s school readiness, including:

  • Developing independence
  • Developing social skills and friendships
  • Learning how to look after their own belongings
  • Recognising and writing their own name
  • Following directions
  • Fostering your child’s individual stage of development.

How are children allocated to groups at St Nicholas?

At St Nicholas, children are grouped into rooms according to their age to ensure they are provided with the best opportunity to develop alongside their peers. Once they reach an appropriate age, your child may be transitioned to a new room depending on their readiness to cope, family needs and available spaces. You will be consulted on any proposed change in rooms for your child.

No matter what room or stage of development your child is at, they will receive an individualised program to suit their needs throughout their time at St Nicholas.

There are currently a limited number of spaces available at St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West, opening mid-May this year. Enrol your child now.

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Kerri Armstrong

Kerri Armstrong is Operations Manager for St Nicholas Early Education.