Moane Room’s first harvest

The children in the Moane Room at St Nicholas Newcastle West have been growing their own vegetables in the yard and taking great care to water them, as well as trying them as they grew.

We harvested our first yield on what was Thanksgiving Day in America which we were celebrating to recognise the traditions of one of our families.

We left the harvest on the bench for our Moane families to take home and use and the children were very excited to share what they had grown with their families. All were gone very quickly and we cannot wait to grow more lettuce.

Two of our lettuces have flowered meaning we will be able to use our own seeds in our new crops! This has been great for teaching the children about plant life cycles and they have loved that they can share this experience with their families.

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Kendell Lyons Image
Kendell Lyons

Kendell Lyons is an Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Newcastle West. 

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