Connecting with the community - Police visit St Nicholas

On Thursday 22nd September the children in the creative cubs along with the learning lions had a visit from the local police.

Senior Constable Upward and Senior Constable Gray came to talk to us about ways to keep safe in the community. We were then lucky enough to go out to the carpark and have a look through the area command van which was named “Ken”.

Some of the things we talked about included:

  • As part of their uniforms, Police officers have belts which have a radio, capsicum spray, baton, pistol, handcuffs.
  • The Police officer’s job is to protect the community.
  • The Police officers wear blue uniforms with a logo of an eagle on each arm and police cars have blue and white checks.
  • Safe people are people who make us feel comfortable: Police, Fire fighters, Nurse/Doctor, Dentist, Teacher.
  • Safe places are places to go to if you are lost: hospital, home, Police station, school, shop, fire station.
  • We need to call out in a loud voice – STOP, NO, GO AWAY, if we don’t feel comfortable.
  • Don’t talk to people we don’t know – only people in uniform. If we get lost we tell them our name and the name of our mum and dad. We need to remember to stay in one spot if we get lost.
  • In an emergency we call “000”.

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Jae Brown

Jae Brown is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas, Singleton.

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