Henny Penny Hatching program at St Nicholas Singleton

Again, the Preschool Room at St Nicholas Early Education, Singleton, has the Henny Penny Hatching Program. The program is set up in our room for two weeks. Throughout the program the children and educators watch chickens hatch out of their eggs and then hand raise them when they are transferred into the pen. 

The children really enjoy the program and it provides the children  with a great sense of responsibility and ownership.

The chickens live in the 4-5 year-old room; however the children in the other rooms take time out of their day to come and visit the chickens and even have a little pat.

The program has inspired learning about lifecycles and the children have been using the chickens to do still life paintings.

What do the children think of the chicken program?

"I liked to pat and hold them."

"I want to take one home."

"I like watching them hatch."

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Amanda Mamero Image
Amanda Mamero

Amanda Mamero is an Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education, Singleton.

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