A swashbuckling performance: The Pirate Code

After six months of juggling rehearsals on top of their school work, 150 students from across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle stepped on stage last week to perform their very own production.

This article was originally posted in the Newcastle Herald. 


From July 26 to 29 at Newcastle Civic Theatre, the talented cast drew the curtains to The Pirate Code, a dynamic production formed under the Catholic Schools Office program, ASPIRE.

This year's production followed Captain Lucy Dastoor and her crew as they hunted for lost treasure against the backdrop of an over-taxed community under the control of a greedy governor. To find it they sailed through storms, fought off the villainous Cutthroat Crowe and defeated the fabled Kraken.

Leading lady Mackenzie Thomson from All Saints College Maitland, stared as Captain Lucy Dastoor and says she has learnt a lot from her character.

"She's a very strong, powerful, determined woman, and she's not afraid to fight off any enemies to get what she wants. I think playing such a confident, strong female character has really empowered me as a woman," the 16-year-old said.

St Joseph's High School Aberdeen student Daniel Chapman, played the role of Seadog Stace said the production was his sixth ASPIRE show.

"ASPIRE has taught me how to be confident in front of people and meet a lot of new people that I can really connect with."

"The best thing about being on stage for me is when that curtain goes up at the start of the show and you hear the roar of the crowd and just feel energy in the room."

Daniel Smith from St Francis Xavier's College in Hamilton said he was grateful to have a platform to express his creative side.

"It allows me to showcase my dramatic ability and the work I've put into creative arts," he said.


Congratulations to the talented performers, crew and staff for an incredible performance! 

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