'Decorate Your Gate' - Our Diocese recognises National Child Protection Week 2023

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle's goal when it comes to child protection is to always promote the safety and wellbeing of all children and vulnerable adults, and for National Child Protection Week we’re putting this commitment front and centre–literally–with the Office of Safeguarding's 'Decorate Your Gate' initiative.

As part of 'Decorate Your Gate', Diocesan Catholic schools, St Nicholas Early Education centres and St Nicholas OOSH centres were invited to decorate their gate, fence, or alternative space in line with the theme of National Child Protection Week, ‘Where we start matters’.

Have look at our mega gallery below and learn more about Child Protection Week.

About National Child Protection Week

National Child Protection Week (3-9 September) aims to engage, educate, and empower Australians to understand the complexity of child abuse and neglect and work together to prevent it. The campaign does this through sharing of events and resources to encourage communities to engage in conversations around children’s safety and wellbeing.

This National Child Protection Week, we focused on how we can all play a part in creating stronger, happier neighbourhoods.

This can be achieved by talking to your neighbours, checking in with friends, being a good role model, supporting and being kind to parents rather than judging or being competitive, offering to assist where possible and speaking up if you see something that is unsafe.

It is important that we listen to, and value, what children have to say. Where possible, include their voices in decision making and be advocates for their best interest.

To learn more about National Child Protection Week, including information on how you can get involved, click here.

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