A broader focus on wellbeing

A significant element in the successful return to school, after lockdown, is the goodwill that we at St Clare’s High School, Taree share with each other as we recover from the disruption the pandemic has caused in our lives. 

For some in our community, the lack of predictability has undermined their self-confidence and caused them to have a pessimistic view of the world. 

While this mindset is not widely held in the St Clare’s community, which has shown a high level of energy and resilience since March 2020, the school has adjusted the Term 4 timetable to allow a broader focus on positive relationships and personal wellbeing among students and school staff. 

Each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday will commence with a 25-minute pastoral care session which will focus on individual wellbeing and care for those with whom the students share their day. 

Years 7 to 9 will trial the use of a professionally produced wellbeing journal and will engage in activities to encourage personal growth and a healthy mindset. 

St Clare’s staff will lead the students in a number of discussions and activities that will reinforce a sense of personal worth and broaden their understanding of how to monitor their personal wellbeing.

Many scientific studies have made the strong connection regarding the importance of exercise and its positive influence on mental health.  In a further adjustment to the timetable Years 7 to 10 will have a Year Level specific sporting session designed to encourage participation, teamwork, physical movement and fun throughout the school week.

Through discussion, journaling and initiatives that promote teamwork and fun, we will assist the young people in our care to be thoughtful and supportive friends, who take responsibility for their personal wellbeing and learning.

A broader focus on wellbeing | Manning River Times

Photos by Callam Howard

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