Hair-raising fundraising

St Brigid’s Primary School, Raymond Terrace, did not fringe the issue when it came to raising money for Feed Appeal. In fact, students had an exciting time during the hair-raising experience.

Feed Appeal raises funds to provide breakfast and lunch to school-aged children in rural communities. Just $1 buys one meal. St Brigid’s raised a huge $366 through gold coin donations for crazy hair.

As the pastoral care worker at St Brigid’s my discussions with the children revealed they all shared a desire to do something for people affected by COVID-19. The students were worried about their own community, and they were worried about how other kids across the country were dealing with it. 

We brainstormed some ideas on ways to help. I then received an email explaining the Feed Appeal program and chatted with the children about it. They all loved the idea of helping kids in rural communities and we brainstormed some more ideas. We had run a Crazy Hair Day a few years ago, and that idea was raised.

Everyone loved the idea because it was easy and would bring colour to a Friday. We sent a PowerPoint presentation to all classes leading up to the event, explaining exactly where the money was going. 

They loved the idea that it was $1 for one meal. In the end they worked out they raised enough money for one child to have breakfast every day for a year, and that made them very happy.  Students were overjoyed when staff members showed up in crazy hair too. 

It was a great school event, especially given the circumstances of late with most things being cancelled. The day provided an opportunity for students to have fun, bring colour to the school, and think about how other children have been affected due to COVID-19 or the drought, or bushfires. It brought us together as a school community. 

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