An incursion to remember

Students in Year 3 at St James’ Primary, Kotara South, have been learning all about the natural and human features of Australia 

To facilitate them gaining a deeper and more profound connection, the Year 3 teachers transformed their classrooms into immersive learning spaces. Year 3 students were surprised and astonished to arrive at school and discover their classrooms resembled the Daintree Rainforest and Uluru.  

Throughout the day, students explored these two contrasting environments. They learnt about the traditional owners, the history, climate, and tourist attractions of each place. Students also had the opportunity to paint an artwork inspired by their adventures to each environment.  

Year 3 will now use their newfound knowledge as they embark on a project-based learning experience for the remainder of Term 3.  

To find out more about St James', Kotara South or to enrol your child, please click here. 

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