Bubbles for Bella

Staff and students of St Michael’s Primary School, Nelson Bay wanted to do something special for little Bella Howard, a Year 1 student, who was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 4 brain cancer.

St Michael’s is more than a school. It is a family that cares deeply for its members and the wider community. The ‘Bubbles for Bella Day,’ was about creating beautiful memories for Bella, her family, and friends at school,” said Ms Helen Bourne, Principal. It was a lovely lead up to the special day with staff and students decorating the school and hall with garlands of vibrant balloons, rainbows, and colourful pathways.

Bella stylishly arrived in the sidecar of a 1966 Vesper scooter and was ushered into the school gates along a colourful chalk pathway lined with machines bursting with bubbles! She was greeted in the hall with great applause from the staff and students who were very excited to see her. Bella was presented with a unicorn bag filled with lots of treats and picture books that had been created by the students. But there was an even bigger surprise for Bella and her family. The school, in collaboration with their P & F, had been busy raising funds to give Bella a truly memorable experience with her family. After a thunderous drum roll by the student body, Ms Helen Bourne announced that a stretch hummer limousine would be collecting Bella and her family from their home and driving them to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, where they would experience a private tour, three-course meal and overnight stay with the koalas and echidnas!

The students then exited the hall so they could sing Bella the rainbow song. At the end of the song, the students picked up their wands and playfully blew big beautiful bubbles to Bella and each other. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and happiness.

After much fun was had with bubbles, Bella was treated to a party of chips, fairy floss and lollies with her Year 1 classmates. She had a lovely time before exiting the school gates with the cheers and well wishes from the students. It was a truly memorable morning, and all had enjoyment.

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