Bath bombs and chocolate make science fun

St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen offered students a range of practical experiences to celebrate Science Week, but having fun was part of the process.

Science is about being curious and asking crazy questions. It is about testing whether the things we say are true or not. There is never a wrong answer with science, it is all discovery.

Making CO₂ canisters to investigate energy, mucking around with bath bombs for chemistry, and melting chocolate to demonstrate the speed of light were all hands-on, relevant experiments for the students.

Others were offered class challenges such as building with straws or paper to hold the greatest weight. Dr Karl featured as a beginning of lesson engagement.

The students loved the challenges and the wow experiments we gave them. We want to excite and encourage all students to be curious and work scientifically to solve problems. There is a lot of problem solving in life, no better exemplified than what is happening to us all now. 

Staff and students at St Joseph’s embraced the celebration, but every week is science week for us. That is how we like to see what we deliver in our units of work.

Our teachers are passionate about developing the next generation of inquiring minds. Students are now focusing on their next tasks, which involve making a solar oven to melt chocolate, an electron board game and developing a working toy.

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