Celebrating Mary MacKillop at St Patrick's Lochinvar

The school community of St Patrick's Primary School, Lochinvar recently gathered to celebrate the life of Mary MacKillop with a special liturgy.

Students learn about Mary MacKillop and her impact on the Australian Church at various times throughout the year in Religious Education lessons and her Feast Day provides an opportunity to celebrate all the good she has done.

Given our history as a Josephite school, it is important for students to celebrate the life of Mary MacKillop as she, along with Julian Tenison Woods founded the Sisters of St Joseph. In addition to this, Mary provides a wonderful example of an ordinary woman who did extraordinary things through her faith and trust in God. Mary upheld the dignity of all and provided care and education for those who otherwise would have had no opportunity to go to school.

Our Year 3 students led our Mary MacKillop liturgy this year which involved students performing a play on the life of Mary MacKillop, sharing her story with our school community in a special way. The students dramatised the beginning of the first Josephite school at Penola and Mary’s excommunication and subsequent travel to Rome to seek approval for her order from the Pope.

At the conclusion of the liturgy, Assistant Principal, Mr Dennis Nolan shared with the students the story of the replica Penola school house which sits in the grounds of St Patrick’s.

St Patrick’s Primary School, Lochinvar was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1883. We are incredibly proud of our Josephite heritage and as such the Feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop is an important day on our school calendar.

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Maryanne Hacker

Maryanne Hacker is the secretary of the Diocesan Council for Ministry with Young People, and the Maitland-Newcastle representative member of the Australian Network of Diocesan Youth Ministry Co-ordinators.