Waste no more at Rosary Park Branxton

Madison O’Donnell, a Year 6 student from Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton has come up with a variety of solutions to combat plastic waste in her school community.

Madison is a student of the Virtual Academy, a program run as part of the Catholic Schools Office Gifted Education K-12 strategy, which commits to providing gifted students with learning opportunities to realise their full potential.

Madison’s solution involves a redesigned bin and recycling system for the school, a compost system that is both engaging and appealing for the whole school and alterative products for the canteen to produce less plastic waste.

“Hopefully, if our recyclable system is innovative and appealing more would use it, and using a compost system will waste less fruit and vegetable and the compost can go towards our garden,’ said Madison.

“Speaking of our garden, in our canteen we can use more fruit and vegetables in our canteen menu which will use less waste.”

For her project, Madison tackled the issue of plastic waste in her school community and developed a variety of solutions to the issue.

While at times she found working the project challenging, Madison has learnt how to push past those roadblocks to find a solution.

“It’s been a challenge to push myself to go further and putting the plan (solution) into action,” said Madison.

“I’ve learned how to push myself more academically and learned a great deal more about patterns.

“I saw patterns as only things you saw in maths, but I’ve learned they’re in so many other aspects of life.”

Janelle Dixon, Madison’s teacher at Rosary Park, has seen how Madison’s time in the Virtual Academy is also helping her in the classroom.

“Her learning is being shared with the entire class,” said Janelle.

“The Virtual Academy helps not only the individual but everyone around them in the traditional classroom setting. She is learning she can listen and learn from others and they can listen and learn from her.”

Rebecca Heath, a Virtual Academy Educator with the Catholic Schools Office, has been impressed with the way Madison has worked with others during her time in the Academy to aid her learning.

“Her ability to take on board feedback is great and she always comes prepared and willing to share he knowledge with others,” said Rebecca.

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