St Michael's visit to Murrook Cultural Centre

As part of NAIDOC Week, students in Years 3 to 6 from St Michael’s Primary School, Nelson Bay experienced an uplifting and informative day when they visited Murrook Cultural Centre.

Students had the opportunity to explore and learn about the local Aboriginal culture of the Worimi people and enjoy a variety of activities showcasing Indigenous culture. 

Boomerang throwing and Indigenous dance were some of the many activities throughout the day, where students learnt moves to represent spirit animals, such as the kangaroo, emu, eagle and the dolphin. They also painted a boomerang with Aboriginal symbols and enjoyed a talk about Aboriginal history and culture by Justin Ridgeway.

Year 5 student, Jett Samuel said, “It was a great experience to learn about Aboriginal culture and their history. We also learnt some life skills on the bush walk which we can use when we are in the bush.”

It was a fabulous day for students to learn about Aboriginal culture and connect with our local Indigenous community at Murrook Cultural Centre.

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