A week of wellbeing at St James’ Muswellbrook

Research shows that high levels of mental health are associated with increased learning, creativity and productivity, more pro-social behaviour and positive social relationships and creates improved physical health and life expectancy.

Each term, Week 6 is Wellbeing Week at St James’ Primary School, Muswellbrook where the school aims to have a different theme or focus on a different aspect of mental health.

During Wellbeing Week, no staff meetings are scheduled and the students have a week without homework.

It is hoped that without these added expectations, those within the school community will have time to focus on the things they love, have some much needed family time or just take a minute to switch off and relax.

Last term, St James’ focused on mindfulness, with students participating in a range of mindfulness activities in the classroom, including guided meditation and mindful colouring.

This term, the school wanted to do something simple to boost staff morale.

For a bit of fun, all members of staff were asked to dress in 'wacky' fashion for Wednesday. Suggestions included spots on stripes, crazy socks and oddly matched colours – basically anything could go!

The best thing about the day was that the students had absolutely no idea about it, so they got a big surprise as all the teachers started making their way to the classrooms.

The main message of the day was that not everyone is perfect and sometimes we can all feel a little 'wacky' and out of sorts at times and that is totally normal! 

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