Lochinvar’s life saver

Ashley Williams, a Year 10 student from St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar who is also a St John’s Ambulance Cadet, has won the NSW State St John Cadet Championship.

The event was held during the school holidays – and it was at the event that Ashley and her two teammates took home the title.

The team will now compete at the National Competition in Victoria in January 2019.

This is a fantastic achievement as Ashley has been a cadet only since 2015 when she attended a monthly Bring a Friend night at the Maitland Division of St John’s Ambulance Service. Nights such as these are designed to provide information on the community service provided by the volunteer service of St John Ambulance.

After deciding to join, Ashley completed her initial training in general first aid care, Ashley progressed to further training in performing first aid using equipment such as defibrillators.

The St John’s Ambulance Service encourages you to develop your leadership skills by progressing through the various stages within the service. Ashley has done this and was promoted to the rank of Corporal after satisfying the leadership studies and duty requirements.

Ashley has also volunteered at various local events such as Maitland Motor Cross, Cessnock Karate Tournament and Maitland River Lights. Her role has also seen her services being used as far afield as at the Royal Easter Show and the X-Games. This because to maintain her cadet status, she is required to spend 60 hours per year in voluntary duty.

Through her division, Ashley has also been encouraged to expand her skill set and compete in team events. During these events cadets are provided with real life scenarios and are judged on the level of care and first aid administered, on their ability to communicate with each other and their technical skills exhibited.

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