Science show at St Dominic's Centre

On Monday 11 December, the University of Newcastle’s award-winning SMART program (Science, Maths and Real Technology) delivered an exciting and individually tailored science show to students at St Dominic’s Centre, Mayfield.

SMART is a not-for-profit program run by the Science and Engineering Challenge, and specialises in delivering educational and engaging shows and workshops to inspire, inform and involve young people with science.

The “Best of SMART show” included liquid nitrogen experiments, explosions, disappearing water, electricity, a toroidal vortex cannon, rainbow glasses, elephant’s toothpaste and a variety of fun hands-on activities. 

“It was a fantastic event for students. It was fun, engaging, catered for all students and was all about our core priority of teaching and learning,” said Principal, Veronica McLoughlin.

For more information about the SMART program click here.

The visit was proudly supported by the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group.

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