‘A Night on Broadway’ for St Patrick’s Swansea

On Thursday 23 November, students of St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea, performed an entertaining production of singing, dancing and drama for their annual school musical, ‘A Night on Broadway’.

Characters from the Wizard of Oz, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Annie, Hair Spray and Grease were brought to life on stage, creating a memorable performance and a wonderful highlight for 2017. 

Under the direction of Music Teacher, Alina Brymora, who has a vision for the performing arts at St Patrick’s, students were able to express their creative talents and increase their confidence on stage.  

Ms Brymora gives students a purpose for learning music – to be able to play a musical instrument, to be able to perform in front of a large audience, and to use their musical talents in the service of others. Indeed, one of the features of St Patrick’s that sets us a part is our performing arts program.

"All students demonstrated great pride on stage and the seven 'mini musicals' that we performed were worthy of top billing on Broadway," said Principal, Peter Green.

Congratulations to the stars of the show – the students. After a long day of rehearsals, all students exceeded our expectations with their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the production.

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