St Patrick's score a goal for Skylah

Last Friday, the St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea, community came together in a spirit of generosity to support a family in need.

Skylah, the 17-month-old sister of three St Patrick’s students, Jaycee, Destiny and Levi, has a rare genetic disorder known as MPS, a disease that is characterised by the absence or nonfunctioning of enzymes that break down glycosaminoglycan. This condition results in accumulation of glycosaminoglycan in the tissues and dysfunction of multiple organ systems, especially the skeletal and nervous systems.

To support the family, former St Patrick’s student and 2016 Fred Hollows award nominee, Jye Dinsdale organised the sporting event, “Score For Skylah”, an exhibition soccer match involving the Year 6 students of St Patrick’s. This event also saw Skylah’s sister, Jaycee, cut her hair.

Principal Peter Green was overjoyed at the remarkable response from the school community, saying, “we are a community where the spirit of Jesus is very much alive and well”, Mr Green said.

“In October 2015, the staff of St Patrick’s developed a vision and mission statement that reflects our beliefs and our aspirations as a school community, and the first of the five mission statements reads: “We will inspire our community to be a people of Jesus”. This event is a true testament to this, and was a wonderful way to finish off Catholic Schools Week, a week in which we celebrate everything that is good about Catholic schools.”

The event raised $643 to assist Skylah’s family with the expenses associated with the many months of treatment that she is about to undergo.

The day was a big community effort, with thanks going to:

  • Jye, Coby, Michelle and JP who organised the event and donated the chips and ice blocks.

  • Jaycee, who had her hair cut for the cause.

  • Jess, the hairdresser who cut Jaycee’s hair.

  • The Year 6 students who put on an exhibition game of soccer.

  • Ben McCarthy, who refereed the football match.

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