Our Lady of Lourdes visit Happy Healthy Harold

Last month, students of Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School, Tarro, took their annual trip to the Life Education Centre, Edgeworth, to learn some valuable lessons about their health.

“The school participates in this program every year. We see it as an important part of the curriculum and essential to our student’s development,” says Primary Coordinator, Danny Antonini.

The Happy Healthy Harold primary school programs focus on the most common behavioural risk factors –physical inactivity, poor nutrition, the harmful use of alcohol, smoking and the use of illicit drugs.

Life Education also provides learning modules for cyber safety essentials to help students understand safe and respectful relationships.

Students spend time developing strategies and practising the skills required to avoid the harms associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices. The engaging delivery of the content means children are involved in the program rather than just being fed information.

“Visiting Healthy Harold is a time of year that all our students enjoy. The students engage with a wide range of health topics in fun and interactive ways,” said Year 5 teacher, Gabbi Lawler.

“All the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and every child comes back to school with a much deeper understanding of the topic. Of course the best part of Healthy Harold is seeing Harold himself!”

The students shared some valuable lessons with each other. “My favourite part about going to Healthy Harold was seeing and learning how our body works and why when you smoke 7000 chemicals it changes the procedures in your body,” said Year 5 student, Erika.

Life Education runs programs for both primary and secondary students and has resources on their website for parents, teachers and children.

For more information go to Life Education or dial 1300 HAROLD

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