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The Christian Formation Course (CFC) has run in different locations and in different formats across the Diocese since 1996, and has been responsible for the ongoing faith formation of some two hundred people.

The delivery of the CFC has been revised over the years in an effort to accommodate the demands on people today. It currently runs on a Tuesday evening for 40 weeks of the year.

As the course is coming to an end for the 2021 cohort, we asked the group to respond to several questions about why they chose to study this course, what they enjoyed, would they recommend the course and how the course has impacted their life and enriched their faith.

Why did you study the Christian Formation Course?

"As a lifelong Catholic, having mostly absorbed this faith’s practices and culture, I’d come to question my level of belief and conviction. I knew very little about the principles or history of my faith tradition, so I was looking for a grounding in knowledge of Christianity-Catholicism. That is a big subject, so the introductory Christian Formation Course was the right start for me." (Sharon Murphy)

"I wanted to get a deeper insight into my faith before I started working in the Catholic schools. I wanted to discover and have questions answered that I had about my own faith, as well as unpacking why Catholicism in a school makes such a great community. I wish to emulate these values in my teaching style." (Thomas Fairleigh)

"I am so grateful that I participated in the Christian Formation Course this year. It has provided clarity around aspects of my faith that I was questioning and opened a whole new way of looking at things which resonate with who I am. As a result, it has brought about a level of healing which has helped me to feel comfortable with being Catholic." (Mary Sultana)

"I have worked for the CSO for 11 years and I have loved the gentleness, the prayer and the community. I also enjoyed attending liturgies and going to Mass in the Cathedral but I never knew what was going on. I wanted to know more about Catholicism and I wanted to understand what we’re teaching children in our Catholic schools. The Church has not had good press and I often felt conflicted about working for the Diocese." (Jenny Scepanovic)

What did you enjoy most about the course?

"The course is introductory. It dipped into the history, principles and mission of the church - from the ancient to the contemporary, from the global to the local, from the good and the bad – and it gave me the tools to find out more. And not just about this faith – I learned a bit about myself as well. The Christian Formation Course helped me broaden my outlook." (Sharon Murphy)

"I enjoyed most discovering how people had influence the life of the church and its beliefs, separate to only learning about just the bible and its stories." (Thomas Fairleigh)

"I have gained knowledge and understanding in how to read the bible, stories of the New and Old Testament, history of the church, Vatican II, the structure of the church and sacraments." (Mary Sultana)

"The best thing about the course was being able to dedicate three hours a week to thinking about the big questions! Life, the universe, God, and everything! The group was a lovely bunch of people of all different ages, and we enjoyed each other’s company. I loved all of what we learnt: From Unit 1 where we learnt about the science of the brain and how we are made for relationship, to learning how to read the Bible, to the ancient and modern history of the Church, to our relationship with our planet, to the rites and rituals and Sacraments. It’s exactly what I needed to know, and I feel it has filled in that jigsaw piece that was missing in my understanding of what religion means to people." (Jenny Scepanovic)

Would you recommend studying the Christian Formation Course?

"The Christian Formation Course was developed in this Diocese. It’s introductory level, well-established and theologically solid. The course is relevant to any generation – baby boomers to millennials. We all had a’ha moments of debunking myths about our faith. Over a year the cohort learns and grows together and creates a bond which is a lovely bonus. It’s a one-year course which is long enough to get a good grounding yet short enough to enjoy seeing it through." (Sharon Murphy)

"I would recommend this course! This course is at a foundational level so anyone can apply and have no trouble understanding it. It really can answer (and create more) questions about faith." (Thomas Fairleigh)

"Yes, definitely, because it is deep and detailed, is wonderful stuff to learn about, and moves you forward in your faith formation journey. I think it would be a perfect starting point for people who want to work in roles in the Diocese. It’s not academic so there’s no pressure." (Jenny Scepanovic)

How has enrolling in this course impacted your life?

"The Christian Formation Course has helped me to better discern what I hear about church doctrine and practice. I now have a better appreciation of scripture since studying the gospel writers and can apply context to Old Testament stories, which has enriched my prayer life." (Sharon Murphy)

"The CFC has enriched my faith by allowing me to understand why people believe what they do, and uncovered all the actions/beliefs that make us catholic. This, as a result, has enriched my life as I feel more comfortable working in Catholic education with this knowledge." (Thomas Fairleigh)

"I have gained knowledge and understanding in how to read the bible, stories of the New and Old Testament, history of the church, Vatican II, the structure of the church and sacraments. If you are struggling with aspects of your faith and are looking to gain some greater understanding and insights, this form of adult education can help you answer those questions that you have been carrying with you." (Mary Sultana)

"I have never dedicated so much time to my spirituality or learning about religion and I will never live my life again devoid of prayer and reflection and awareness. It has solidified my beliefs and connections, given me strength and courage." (Jenny Scepanovic)

Why do you think someone should enrol in this course?

"If you’ve ever been asked what Catholics believe and felt unsure of giving a reasonably sound answer, then the Christian Formation Course will provide you with a basic, solid foundation of knowledge in a relaxed learning environment." (Sharon Murphy)

"If you want to learn more about your faith, and get a taste of theology without being overwhelmed, than this course is for you!" (Thomas Fairleigh)

"If someone is looking to explore their faith more or has recently discovered a love of God and is looking for a community to worship with but are not sure that Catholicism is for them, this is the perfect course." (Jenny Scepanovic)

How you can get involved

Are you wanting to know more about Christianity?

Expressions of Interest are now open for the Christian Formation Course 2022

The Christian Formation Course (CFC) is a face-to-face learning experience that allows participants to explore their life’s journey and their faith within the Catholic Tradition. This one-year course introduces participants to scripture, theology, church history, sacramental life, and liturgy. The course runs across twelve months and comprises of eight units. 

Commencing on Tuesday February 1 2022, no prerequisite formation or qualification is required to enrol. All who complete the Course are awarded a Diocesan Certificate in Christian Formation.

Expression of Interest close December 10. For more information, visit: www.mn.catholic.org.au/church-mission/catholic-life/adult-faith-formation/christian-formation-course/

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