10,000 Decades for Healthcare Workers

Across the COVID-19 pandemic anyone watching daily news reports, would be aware of the great work being done by our front-line healthcare workers.

Our nurses, doctors, paramedics, and mental health workers are the human face of the battle against the pandemic. As with any battle, there is a toll that is paid by those on the frontline; in this case it is the toll of long hours, dealing with sickness, sharing the experience of grief with families, and holding up those for whom this period has weighed heavily.

Now here is your opportunity to support and hold in prayer those engaged in front-line healthcare.

The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Campus Ministry Team has developed a link on their webpage that allows people to log when they prayer a decade for these healthcare workers. The goal has been set for 10,000 Decades by Wednesday 8 December (The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception).

Here is a link to the web page including a running tally: https://www.notredame.edu.au/events-items/10000-prayers-decade/health-workers/_nocache

Please join us as we pray for all Frontline Health-Care Workers, in thanksgiving for all that they do for us!

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