Bishop Bill's Reflection Days

As we move closer to Session Two of Synod, you are invited to listen and contemplate as Bishop Bill reflects on: Francis’s vision of our future Church; our Australian experience; and future possibilities.

The two-hour presentation will include questions for dialogue and afternoon tea/supper.

Bishop Bill will present his reflection in a variety of locations across the Diocese, repeated both before and after Mass. Attendees can choose which reflection session they would prefer to attend. Registration before the day is essential. To register go to:

In each location
Reflection 1 will occur between 2.30pm-4.30pm
Mass will be held between 5pm-5.30pm
Reflection 2 will occur between 6pm-8pm

Tuesday 13 April – St Joseph’s High School & St Thomas’ Church, Aberdeen
Wednesday 14 April – All Saints College, St Mary’s Campus, Maitland
Thursday 15 April –
St Mary Immaculate Parish, Charlestown
Tuesday 20 April –
Holy Name Parish, Forster
Thursday 22 April –
St Joseph Parish, Toronto
Tuesday 4 May – Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newcastle West

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