Building the Kingdom of God Together: Our Journey

From Lent until Pentecost the people of the diocese are invited to engage in the process of contemplative dialogue, to discern more fully the framework for considering 'Building the Kingdom of God Together, Our Journey' in our diocese.

The purpose of the diocesan reflections during Lent (17 February – 31 March) is to enable all members of the diocesan community to respond to the papers developed by the Synod Working Party.

Synod delegates will be facilitating the Contemplative Dialogue Reflection Program throughout Lent in Parishes, schools and online.

For those wanting to connect with this program online, you are invited to register each week to one of the sessions. It is optional to register at the same time or a different time each week.

To register for each session throughout Lent go to:

To access the program and resources online, go to:

Diocesan Lenten Reflection Groups

This is a link to for anybody to join a Lenten Group

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Identity and Community

Worship and Prayer

Formation and Education

Mission and Outreach

Leadership and Structure

M 22/2 - 9.30am-11am

1/3- 9.30am-11am

8/3- 9.30am-11am

15/3- 9.30am-11am

22/3- 9.30am-11am

T 23/2 – 1pm-2.30pm

2/3- 1pm-2.30pm



23/3- 1pm-2.30pm

W 24/2- 6pm-7.30pm

3/3- 6pm-7.30pm

10/3- 6pm-7.30pm

17/3- 6pm-7.30pm

24/3- 6pm-7.30pm

T 25/2- 10.30am-12pm  & 6-7.30pm

4/3- 10.30am-12pm  & 6-7.30pm

11/3- 10.30am-12pm  & 6-7.30pm

18/3- 10.30am-12pm  & 6-7.30pm

25/3- 10.30am-12pm  & 6-7.30pm

F 26/2- 9.30am-11am

5/3- 9.30am-11am

12/3- 9.30am-11am

19/3- 9.30am-11am

26/3- 9.30am-11am

S 27/2- 2pm-3.30pm

6/3- 2pm-3.30pm

13/3- 2pm-3.30pm

20/3- 2pm-3.30pm




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