Hello Hunter offers a helping hand

Are you feeling isolated, lonely or anxious? Hello Hunter is here to support you!

Hello Hunter is available for any person experiencing hardship due to social isolation, poverty, disease, disability, illness, age, mental health, family, social, or other community network breakdown.

The initiative partners with churches to mobilise volunteers to help those in need, regardless of their faith background, commitment, other social standing or identity.

Originally created to assist those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, Hello Hunter will link people in need with volunteers from local churches who can help.

Volunteers are available to make a friendly call, deliver essentials and assist in finding specialised help. On request, they are also able to pray with the person.


Hello Hunter has a call centre which takes requests for assistance, and then notifies neighbourhood hubs to mobilise their volunteers. These hubs are formed according to suburb and postcode, with the overall goal being to support the person in need through assistance from their nearest neighbour.

Launched on 5 June 2020, Hello Hunter began due to talks between a group of church leaders within Newcastle, headed up by Rick Prosser from Kingdom Works.

Director of Pastoral Ministries, Teresa Brierley, is the initiative representative for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Mrs Brierley said Hello Hunter allows local churches of various faiths to work together, instead of trying to meet the need on their own.

“We all live in a community, so if that community can look after one another, how good would that be?” said Mrs Brierley.

Are you interested in getting involved? Hello Hunter are looking for volunteers and hub leaders. Volunteers will have to submit a form, validated by their local parish priest or parish leader. Go to hellohunter.org.au for more information.

Once the Coronavirus pandemic ends, Hello Hunter will continue to be an ongoing link in our community for those in need.

Hello Hunter is currently seeking volunteers. If you think you may be able to assist, you can find out more about becoming a volunteer here.

If you are in need of assistance, you can call Hello Hunter on (02) 49 486 837, or go online and request assistance here.

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