NATIONAL WEBINAR: Knowing the community whom we are called to serve

How well do we know the people who come to Mass? How well do we know those beyond the worshiping community?

In our mission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, we are called to engage with the hopes and struggles of those in our local context. In this time of COVID-19, the need to connect has become even more pronounced. This webinar, led by the National Centre for Pastoral Research, addresses these questions, and ways we can be informed and supported, drawing upon the Parish Social Profiles and in dialogue with community leaders.

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This event will be hosted by the Pastoral Ministry Network (formerly known as NAPPA) and supported by the Mission Planners Network Oceania and the National Centre for Pastoral Research (NCPR).

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Teresa Brierley Image
Teresa Brierley

Teresa Brierley is Director Pastoral Ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.