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If the Lord can move mountains, a mother’s faithful prayer can turn troubled teen to singing priest.

Fr Rob Galea is an ordained Catholic Priest currently serving in the Sandhurst Diocese, Victoria. He calls Australia home, but it was his troubled past as a young teenager growing up in Malta, his home country, that brought him into the seminary 18 years ago.

His destructive and reckless lifestyle as a teenager, which included drinking, clubbing and joining a gang, eventually led him into despair hiding in his bedroom fearing for his life from fellow gang members. It was through God’s grace that he was invited to a youth group at church that helped turn the troubled kid once kicked out of the school choir into a creative, musically gifted and talented singer songwriter who uses his natural God-given talents for evangelising.

He is a priest first, then musician with an established international fanbase. He has performed with numerous renowned artists including Guy Sebastian and has worked with the industry’s best in creating and releasing contemporary Christian music. He ministered to more than 1.4 million people last year, has amassed nearly 56,000 followers on social media and is not slowing down.

Mary-Anne Deluca sits down with Fr Rob Galea to talk ministry, art and pets.

Fr Rob on his upcoming international 2020 tour, which includes Maitland

“This year I am focusing a lot on education. I am touring a lot of schools, working with teachers and formation. I’ve chosen to do only three international trips this year, and in each place I visit there will be an international crowd of 200,000 + people. They are massive events.”

Fr Rob on bringing Jesus to people

“I am passionate about speaking about Jesus and telling people about Jesus. In my early ministry it was going to schools and talking to kids. Now, most of my energy is put into training a new generation of leaders, creating resources for teachers, evangelists and encouraging other priests working on vocations, to get vocations for the priesthood.”

Fr Rob on technology, creativity and art

“I enjoy social media, graphic design, good photography and good filming. This is my way of being creative. I believe the church and the people who represent the church need excellence in what they do. Mediocrity is a thing of the past. We have churches that were built thousands of years ago, great structures no one could fathom that they would exist. Somehow, when it came to graphic design, we became mediocre. This is where, as a church, we need to excel, and I have a passion for graphic design.”

Fr Rob on social media and sharing his vulnerability

“Following Jesus is not about having a good life, it is about being real. Social media promotes the ideal life and the amazing lifestyle. They are all extraordinary moments but there are many ordinary moments that lead to the extra ordinary, the brokenness. But that often doesn’t make it to social media. I think it’s my responsibility as a human being, not only as a priest but as a follower of Christ, to let people know that following Jesus is tough. You are going to have suffering and pain, but the amazing thing is that through the suffering and pain there is going to be a God there who is walking with you, there is going to be a community walking with you. I know that Jesus is with me, I know that God will have the final say. It’s a struggle that is real and I work with people who have the same struggle, so why should I pretend that my life is perfect when there is so much suffering out there. We suffer together, we walk together, and we walk towards Christ together.”

Fr Rob on prayer life

“God continues to work even through our prayerless life, and that terrifies me. I try to make sure I am praying and, on my knees, humble before God and in love with Jesus. Prayer and humility are often a discipline prayer. Eighty per cent of the time I don’t feel like sitting down to pray. It is a matter of discipline and prayer consistency in my life.”

Fr Rob on the blessing of the animals on the feast day of Saint Francis

“It is a European tradition where we invite parishioners to bring their pets onto the church grounds for a special blessing. It is an understanding that these animals are a blessing to us, they are part of God’s blessing for us and so it is about asking God to protect them, to bless them and for them to continue to be a blessing in our life. It is a reminder for us to respect the earth and all of creation as well.”

Fr Rob on discerning your life’s purpose

“Start with prayer. Start by asking God. Start by being still. Ask God, what do you want from my life? What do you want me to do? Start with prayer, but prayer isn’t everything. It is the first thing. Secondly, listen to your heart. Listen to what you want. Be practical in what God wants for your life. Don’t get lost in the listening for a voice. Ask God in prayer, ‘God give me the desire for what you want me to be in life’. God never forces us into something we don’t want. He will give us the strength for it and the peace for it. He will use our natural talents and use our gifts. Thirdly, ask the community around you. Ask your parents, family, teachers and educators and ask them to guide you.”


Fr Rob's upcoming concert in Maitland will inspire and uplift. It is suitable for all ages.

Activ8 Youth – Concert with Fr Rob Galea

31 March 2020

6.30pm – 8pm

All Saints’ College, St Mary’s Campus

16 Grant St, Maitland

Tickets $13 can be purchased here.

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