Partnership puts belief in leadership

In an effort to develop leadership through the prism of theology, the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is partnering with Australian Catholic University to offer a Graduate Certificate in Mission and Culture (GCMC).

The course will provide a theological skill set to use when exercising leadership that allows the promotion of a Christian and specifically Catholic culture.

From my perspective, the agreement between the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at ACU and the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle on the design and delivery of the GCMC gives full expression to the term “partnership”. The course is a means of advancing mutual interests and achieving shared Mission priorities. More specifically it conveys ACU’s clear commitment to support insight and understanding that engages with and seeks to transform our cities and our regions.

If a university is to be a part of its local and regional community in some meaningful and strategic way, it must be willing to prioritise its relations with that community. The sharing of knowledge should be of direct and immediate benefit to the community. 

This is an exciting development that perfectly illustrates the innovation and excellence agendas that define the work of the faculty. Fostering creative and constructive dialogue on real-world issues, this program takes the interests, needs, and questions of individuals as the starting point for theological learning and reflection. In this way it is directly responsive to demands for creative renewal, considering the various dimensions of church life and practice.

This is a partnership that enables learning to be shared and theological understanding to be developed collectively, collaboratively, and progressively. It is also, and perhaps most importantly, a partnership that enables new patterns of thinking, of learning, of working, and of being that support and advance the Catholic character and ethos of the Diocese and all who serve it.

As Executive Dean for the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, I am delighted and honoured to be working with the Diocese, its leadership team, and with all who support and participate in the GCMC.

The Diocese is launching its partnership with the Australian Catholic University on Tuesday 12 November, 5:30pm, at Sacred Heart Cathedral and will be followed by a soiree of nibbles, drinks and conversations at Cathedral House. Contact Jenny Harris 4979 1111.

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Dermot Nestor

Professor Dermot Nestor is executive dean, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University.