A sign of our care for people and the environment

Tighes Hill Catholics are one of a growing number of church communities calling for action on climate change.

They recently placed a sign on the church fence that says: “Fossil fuels, especially coal need to be replaced” Pope Francis. Coal communities need a just transition now.”

The sign is part of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) campaign for climate action signs outside places of worship between now and the upcoming federal election. Buddhist, Jewish, Unitarian and Christian places of worship across Australia have responded with signs relevant to their tradition.

The Tighes Hill Catholic Church sign paraphrases a section of Pope Francis’ 2015 Encyclical Laudato si’. The second part of the sign addresses concern for local people. Community member Lawrie Hallinan said: “We are concerned about the many people in the Hunter who could suffer if there is no planned transition away from coal. We need a plan similar to the industry and government assistance provided during the BHP steel works closure.”

The Tighes Hill Catholic community decided to erect the sign as one of its mission initiatives. A Tighes Hill parishioner, James Abdoo, Managing Director at Hi-Impact signs sponsored the sign.

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Lawrie Hallinan Image
Lawrie Hallinan

Lawrie is a parishioner at Tighes Hill.