Welcome back to the second term of 2018. I trust that the break has left each person refreshed and renewed and ready to resume the critical work of Catholic education.

Our Catholic schools exist within a context of societal and ecclesial dynamics. What then is the purpose of a Catholic school?

It is clearly outlined in various Vatican documents, and involves transforming each young persons personal identity toward an apostolic human formation, and it places Jesus as its foundation.

Its purpose is to educate, foster faith, life and culture. But it is also about engaging communities (students and adults) in inclusive education for truth. Its purpose involves eliciting faith formation and evangelisation in a meaningful way.

Knowing the mission of a Catholic school is central to leadership of maintaining an authentic Catholic identity in a school.

Understanding the challenges, including a predominantly secular and pluralistic contemporary Australia is a challenge for us all.

As leaders in the Catholic schools of Maitland-Newcastle Diocese may Term 2 be one of purpose for our schools and for our Church.

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Dr Michael Slattery Image
Dr Michael Slattery

Dr Michael Slattery is the Director of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.