DR MICHAEL SLATTERY: A Roadmap for Wellbeing for Successful Learning

Why do some students perform better than others even when they have the same ability?

Recently Dr Toni Noble presented a paper titled ‘A Roadmap for Wellbeing for Successful Learning’.

Students who PROSPER:

  • Positivity: feel positive about school and learning and feel they belong in school socially and academically;
  • Relationships: have positive relationships with their peers and teachers:
  • Outcomes: gain a sense of accomplishment and competence due to achieving positive learning outcomes, view effort positively and seek challenging tasks that will help them learn new things rather than tasks in their comfort zone that require little effort but also little opportunity to learn;
  • Strengths: know their own strengths and limitations and are prepared to work hard;
  • Purpose: have a sense of purpose in what they are learning at school and its relevance for their future
  • Engagement: are engaged in learning, are willing to be challenged and demonstrate initiative
  • Resilience: are resilient and not derailed by difficulty whether intellectual or social. They see a setback as an opportunity for learning or a problem to be solved rather than a failure

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Dr Michael Slattery Image
Dr Michael Slattery

Dr Michael Slattery is the Director of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.