DR MICHAEL SLATTERY: Presentation of Proposed New School at Medowie

Last week saw the presentation to the CBGA (Catholic Block Grant Authority) of the proposed new school, Catherine McAuley Catholic College at Medowie​.

What are the key drivers for a contemporary Catholic school? Three major components are considered and they include:

  • Faith and Identity
  • Learning
  • Community

They are informed by the pillars of the Learning Framework which include:

  • Learning to be
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to know
  • Learning to live together

Learning in 2018 has to be innovative, exciting, enriching and challenging. It is characterised by opportunities for:

  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Inquiry
  • Risk taking
  • Deep thinking
  • Team work
  • Interdependence
  • Student voice inclusion

Good schools aim to be student-centred, collaborative, creative, congtributory, and connected. We must question ourselves to ensure our schools create learning environments that are:

  • Supportive and productive
  • Places that promote independence, interdependence and self motivation
  • Reflective of student needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests
  • Place of challenges and high expectation
  • Connected with the community
  • Providing learning beyond the classroom

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Dr Michael Slattery Image
Dr Michael Slattery

Dr Michael Slattery is the Director of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.