Last Thursday at the Civic Theatre we celebrated Diosounds 2017 which highlighted the talent of students and teachers from our 11 secondary schools in the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese.

Music and performance has been a central feature of Catholic schools in the diocese since its inception and we continued that tradition with the recent performances of Broadway melodies and Hollywood harmonies.

The 450 participants in this event were not just the elite performers. It was a showcase of musical talent in our schools that was predominantly student led. It was an opportunity for our students to work closely with their teachers to showcase the music and performing arts talent of several groups. We experienced the beautiful voices of our choirs, high performance in contemporary dance, superb musicianship, singing and exciting young bands. We saw that the students were responsible for the stage support, much of the choreography and conduct of the ceremony.

The teachers are to be thanked for their wonderful support and leadership of the students in the creation and conduct of this wonderful extravaganza of talent. As our previous Director of Schools Mr Ray Collins said “It is a highly accomplished presentation of the performing talents of our students and of the creative guidance of their teachers”.

As they performed the various melodies of yesteryear we now express deep gratitude to the performers for their dedication to the rigour required to participate in such an evening, to their parents for their ongoing support and love of their children, and to the teachers who are walking the learning journey with those families. Our thanks also to Mrs Carmel Tapley from the Catholic Schools Office who has worked tirelessly to ensure Diosounds 2017 was co-ordinated so effectively.

Dr Michael Slattery Image
Dr Michael Slattery

Dr Michael Slattery is the Director of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.