Sacred@Seven: youth gathering for Adoration

In our busy world it is so important to take time out, turn off mobile phones and just sit in the presence of God.

‘Sacred @ Seven’ is an hour-long retreat in the middle of the week for young people. It is an opportunity to sit in silent prayer and contemplation, join in song, listen to scripture and participate in discussion.

“Sacred @ Seven’ is running mid-week four times this year. There is also a weekly opportunity for adoration, at ‘Hour of Adoration and Prayer’ on Sunday nights at St Philips Kotara at 6.30pm.

‘Sacred @ Seven’ was previously called ‘Seven@SacredHeart’, due to the time and meeting place in the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

As the location is now shifting between the cathedral and St John’s Chapel, the new title retains parts of the original name but now focuses on setting aside time for the sacred, wherever the location may be.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is a sacred opportunity because, as Catholics, we believe that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament is given the same adoration and devotion that is given to Christ.

Pope Francis shares his view of Adoration

“One cannot know the Lord without the habit of adoring, of adoring in silence.

“I believe — if I am not mistaken — that this prayer of adoration is the least known among us; it is the one we engage in the least. To waste time — if I may say it — before the Lord, before the mystery of Jesus Christ. To adore, there in the silence, in the silence of adoration. He is the Lord and I adore Him.”

That’s the view of Pope Francis about Eucharistic adoration.

Join us to adore the Lord at 7pm at St John’s Chapel, Cathedral St, Maitland on 11 July 2018.

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