FAITH MATTERS: A journey to full communion

As the beginning of Lent is approaching, this has led me to remember my time at the Rite of Election and becoming a Catholic.

As I grew up, my faith changed and became stronger, at the end of my university degree I was placed into a primary school within this Diocese. Seeing the children’s love of God and faith made me want to explore my own more. While I was baptised into the Uniting Church, I longed to be able to celebrate Eucharist within the Catholic Church.

At the end of 2019, I began my faith journey through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the MacKillop Parish. As I was already baptised, I was not a catechumen but on a journey into full communion in the Catholic Church.

I was supported each week by my sponsor and the parish community. This expanded my knowledge of Catholicism and helped me confidently teach Religion. The Rite of Election 2020 occurred on a Sunday afternoon in March at the beginning of a looming pandemic. I was not part of the ceremony due to not being a ‘catechumen’ but went to be immersed in the faithfulness of the event, to understand the first stage of this RCIA process and to support the individuals going through the same process as me.

The Cathedral was filled with supporters, sponsors and the other members of the faith community, all there to welcome the Elect. I was overjoyed by the choir who provided a melodic experience throughout the event through hymns in a call and response style. A sense of celebration was seen through the many parishes of our Diocese coming together to support their catechumens as they set out on the final intensive phase of purification prior to Easter. I was amazed by the number of parishes involved, with some having upwards of five catechumens wanting to become Catholic and follow their call to know Christ and follow his way within the Catholic community. Throughout the Rite of Election, I was struck by the strong feeling of love within the community.

After this lovely event, I continued my journey being received into full communion with the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil and immersed myself in all the other celebrations that the Easter weekend brings.

I have been able to continue my own faith journey as a missionary disciple in my Parish and school. The Mackillop Parish continues to support RCIA, which I am happily a part of, to allow new catechumens to be confirmed into our growing Church.

The Rite of Election for 2022 is coming up on the 6th of March. I am proud to say I will be a sponsor for a young man who is on his own faith journey as well. Like his, my journey is unique. It has led me into a deeper love and understanding of God, my Catholic faith and the Gospels. I long to continue to learn how to love like Jesus.

AUTHOR: Ellen Morgan

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