FAITH MATTERS: Falafel, Shawarma and 'The Chosen' Experience

The Chosen is a first ever multi-series which brings to being an interpretation of what life might have been like for Jesus starting his ministry.

 “I have always been curious about the everyday life of Jesus and his disciples,” says Katherine Russell, former Assistant Principal, “so when I saw this program advertised in the Parish Bulletin, I was immediately interested.”

The Chosen is a first ever multi-series which brings to being an interpretation of what life might have been like for Jesus starting his ministry. The series, creatively produced by Dallas Jenkins, includes the backstories for each of the disciples that were individually chosen by Jesus. We are first invited into each of their lives, into their struggles and baggage. But once introduced to Jesus and the invitation to spend time with him, we are invited to witness such a transformation of each of his first followers.

Each Thursday evening in October and November people from all parts of the Diocese gathered to share an authentic meal using traditional recipes from First Century Israel. The sights, smells and tastes are all a part of The Chosen experience. Joining in a meal together, experiencing the foods that Jesus and his disciples may have taken part in, whilst watching the series each week is all to aid in the joy of such a powerful show.

In this first season we are introduced to a talented, yet outcast tax collector, Matthew. He is hated by his own people, regarded with scepticism by his employers, the Romans, and yet compelled to find out more about this ‘Jesus’ person.

Katherine recalls, “The Chosen series has given me the opportunity to better relate to Jesus and the disciples as fellow human beings and it has reinforced for me the fact that the disciples were specially chosen and so am I. The interaction Jesus had with the people during his ministry gave them the chance to change their lives and to follow him. This has set me thinking - how am I following Jesus? I want to read the Christian Scriptures with more care and examine how Jesus is changing my life.

Belinda Straiton is a regular attendee at the series. “You discover new things with every episode. The sharing of information is so important, listening to other’s interpretations and what they get out of each show is wonderful. I can’t get enough of it!”

We see Jesus through the eyes of a new lens, directly witnessing the impact of Jesus and His ministry on the ones closest to Him. With each episode we are drawn in a little deeper on the people who encountered Jesus in a very personal and intimate way. It’s definitely a binge worthy experience!  The final episode has us witness the encounter that the Samaritan woman had with Jesus at the well.  Her change of heart and lifting of spirit is infectious, drawing us all to a desire to watch Series Two as soon as possible. Not a bad way to enjoy some falafel, shawarma and faithful dialogue on a Thursday night!

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