FAITH MATTERS: Full of Grace Collective

Reflecting on Easter and the joy that new life brings, my attention turns to the number of young women I know who have recently become mothers. There is such happiness and love when life is brought into the world, it is truly something special and worthy of celebration.

Natalee Bonomini is a young mother who is also part of the Pastoral Placement Program. In 2020 when Natalee entered the program, she developed the Full of Grace Collective. Her mission is to seek and gather women from all religions and seasons to create not only a meeting place, but also long-lasting friendships with other like-minded women.

In this week's edition of Faith Matters, Natalee writes about the Full of Grace Collective.

The Full of Grace Collective ministry was founded in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and has been running since January 2020. It arose when a group of mums from church and schools met and found that amongst the many things in life they had in common, they uniquely also shared a love for Jesus, which was different from other friendship circles.

As the relationships began to strengthen and deepen their roots in Christ, the core group began to reach out to other women in their lives, such as from work, church or from the neighbourhood, to benefit from this enriching rapport that was building.

Meeting women in the community and developing a relationship can take time as often the demands of modern family life or social etiquette stands in the way. Navigating how much small talk can be had before you can progress to enjoying a coffee together, can make it hard in finding an informal space to get to know one another on a deeper and spiritual level. 

Often, at the end of mass or school events, parents and families have other engagements to attend and so they cannot always stay behind and socialise.

Full of Grace Collective, who meet on the fourth Monday of every month, help busy women and families carve out space in their calendar that is beneficial to the mother or the woman of the home. 

Scheduling a “girls night” with Full of Grace Collective means that there is a space where women can re-energise, reconnect and re-emerge themselves into a Catholic community that can help relieve the stressors of life as well help grow their spiritual and prayer life.

At the core of our ministry, is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our intention is to imitate and follow the Mother of Jesus’ holy example in how we live our lives as women, wives, and mothers. 

If you feel called to share your faith and life with other women, consider coming to one of our monthly events where you will have the opportunity to move your conversations about the weather into a deeper and more meaningful dialogue where others are interested to hear about your relationship with God. 

If you feel called to explore an interest in God, consider coming to ask questions.

As Mary the Mother of Jesus was at the foot of the cross, so to was there Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. If we live to imitate our Heavenly Mother, there is always room for several other Marys, (therefore us) at the foot of the cross as well.

If you have a Facebook account, find our group to let our event coordinators know that you are interested in more details.

Alternatively, email for more details.

Our next event is Monday, April 26. We meet at Cardiff Seafood Italian Cuisine restaurant from 6:00 PM. RSVP by Friday April 23.

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