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How often do you feel that you are doing what needs to be done, just to get through the day so you can go to bed and get up and repeat the process the following day? It can be very easy to forget the why, when you are so busy ticking off the ‘what.’

Work, relationships, family, bills, and appointments tend to dictate our lives.  We can easily fall into the trap of believing that ticking of the checklist each day is an indicator of our value in the world. What if there was more to life than that check list? Would you be interested in exploring what that could be?

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle will be offering a 10-week online course for anyone who would like to explore questions about life, faith, and Christianity through the Alpha program.

Alpha is a relaxed online program which will be delivered one evening each week for ten weeks. Alpha online offers anyone interested in exploring the meaning of life and where God fits into this context.

‘I was fortunate enough to do Alpha Online when Covid hit.’ Explained Pastoral Placement Participant, Jessie Barker.

‘I thought it would be another course like other faith formation courses I had already participated in, and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. But wow! After the first session I realised that learning about Jesus could be fun and easy! The course allowed me to ask the hard questions about the ‘Christianity concept’, double check on the historical facts about Jesus and find meaning in my life that I had no idea I was missing. It was a relaxed and fun environment. It impacted me so much that I offered to run Alpha for people in my own parish. I really do love Alpha and encourage anyone who is even a little bit curious to jump on a zoom and try it out!’

The Maitland-Newcastle Diocese invite you to come along and connect with Alpha. A group of like-minded people who would like to find out if there is more to life then that never-ending checklist.

Days: Thursday

Start Date: Thursday 15 July 2021

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

RSVP through Eventbrite Alpha by 8 July so you can be sent the Zoom link!

We cannot wait to begin this journey with you!

Authors: Jessie Baker & Natasha Brotherton

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Natasha Brotherton Image
Natasha Brotherton

Natasha Brotherton is Diocesan Education Officer, Pastoral Ministries