FAITH MATTERS: Writing to Counsel and Communicate

During this difficult period, the one thing many of us have more of, is time.

This time can serve as a period of self-reflection. I have found myself spending a lot of time contemplating life, reading, watching multiple series on streaming services and I have rediscovered writing. All sorts of writing, journals, cathartic outpourings, as well as creative pieces about the beauty of nature.

My writing has always had a counselling role in my life. It is a device we can use to help us process our experiences. I can vent my feelings through my writing. This means that even if I never fully comprehend the problem, I can see the development in how my mind processes this problem over time. It works for me and often clarifies the issues.

Writing can also help us celebrate our lives, our faith, and our families. There is no time in life that solidifies our faith more than spending time with infants. Recently my granddaughter turned two and the pure joy of the event was inspirational. Jesus was there with us.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

The night before her birthday I wrote a letter to my granddaughter telling her about the presents I bought her and why I gave her these presents. I wrapped up the tiniest things as I know the greatest joy for children is unwrapping the presents. I also told her about the day she was born. When I came home from the party, I finished the letter. I found the experience of writing about this event relaxing and it is an experience my granddaughter and I will share for many decades by being able to read the letter.

Great sadness can be shared by writing about it. I always feel the presence of the divine with me whilst writing. We get in touch with our souls through writing. We can write to someone we cannot be with and in many ways, this is a form of communication with them, as in the future they may read what we have written.

Writing can help us celebrate our lives, resolve our problems, vent high emotions in a safe forum or accept the issues we must inevitably endure. These pieces can then serve to help others who in the future read your musings. They too will find joy from your writing. They will gain a better understanding of their lives through your words and they will celebrate your joys.

Writing is therapeutic. It is relaxing, it is cathartic. It helps us remember that in all aspects of our lives God is with us. Personal writing is a beautiful form of communion between people.

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