Why does God care who I sleep with?

The book Why does God care who I sleep with? by Sam Allberry, is easy to read, with clear stories and examples that explore this important question.   

It lays out clear reasons why God really does care who we sleep with, and the reasons of love that are behind that care.

“God is all about love,” Mr Allberry says. 

“We are designed to live lives of love.

“All of us have to say no to certain romantic and sexual desires. It's not because we're against love- it's because we're for it, in the right sense.”

My favourite section of the book deals with the concept of a thirst that every person has.

“Whatever we look to to satisfy our soul thirst, there will never be enough of it to provide true relief. There is not enough money in the world for someone who lives for riches. There's not enough intimacy in the world for someone who lives for connection. There is not enough of anything in this world to quench the thirst that Jesus says lies in the heart of us all. The presence of a thirst for something we can't find in this world shows we are made for something outside this world.” 

“For many, sex or romantic connection is the way we try to quench the thirst of our souls. That's why it matters so much to us. It's what we feel we need. It is why we are so cautious about a belief system, like Christianity, that might restrict who we sleep with.”

Mr Allberry uses frequent quotes from the bible and the writings of C.S.Lewis to express and explain different ideas. He also uses stories from his own life and well-known movies to give examples. 

I recommend this book for those that are pondering this question. It is also a great book for those who would like to share with others why they believe their choices matter.

It is a short book of 137 pages, and very easy to read. 

I highly recommend this book.

Why does God care who I sleep with? by Sam Allberry is published by The Good Book Company in partnership with The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and The Zacharias Institute, 2020.


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