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All around the world, women - and babies - are dying during childbirth. This is because they do not have access to trained midwives and safe birthing conditions. In communities where safe motherhood initiatives have not been implemented, mothers and children are still at risk every day.

Through safe motherhood initiatives, supported by Caritas Australia, women in remote areas are trained in quality, prenatal delivery and antenatal care. They are also provided with essential equipment to help ensure safe and sanitary births

For Lima, a 23-year old mother from Bangladesh, a lack of trained care meant that she lost her first child shortly after she was born with breathing difficulties.

Not surprisingly, after this experience, Lima was terrified about giving birth again. She described her second birth as a “frightening, painful experience,” due to misguided actions taken by an untrained birth assistant.

Thankfully, when her third child was born, Lima received support from a local woman – Monika – who had been trained in a Caritas-supported midwifery program.

Monika’s expert care meant that Lima felt supported and confident while bringing her child into the world. Most importantly, her daughter, Jyoti, was born safe and well.

So if you would like to help mothers such as Lima receive the care they need, why not make a donation to Caritas Australia this Christmas?

Your Christmas gift will have an impact as was the case with Lima.

By donating whatever you can, you can help protect mothers and babies in vulnerable communities.

Please give what you can this Christmas. Your gift can ensure more vulnerable women and children receive the support they need for a safe and healthy birth.

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