Eileen O'Connor one step closer to sainthood

The official process for Eileen O’Connor becoming Australia’s next saint has begun, with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP announcing that he has appointed Father Anthony Robbie as postulator for her cause.

Archbishop Fisher hopes that O’Connor’s “heroic and saintly example’’ would “inspire everyone to live faithful lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

“Eileen’s was a life of immense suffering and judged by today’s standards many would have viewed it as lacking in dignity, value or hope.”

“That she is on her way to possibly being our next saint shows even a short life, marked by incredible suffering, can be an inspiration to all and reminds us of the dignity of every human life.”

“She is an outstanding role model for today’s Australian youth and for the lay apostolate in particular.”

Sr Margaret Mary Birgan, the former congregational leader and the project leader for Eileen O’Connor, has described the news as “simply wonderful” and the new Servant of God as a “very human, beautiful soul.”

Our Lady’s Nurses for the Poor, also fondly known as the Brown Nurses, continue to help those who are disadvantaged, sick and poor in Newcastle, Macquarie Fields and Sydney, thanks to the help of benefactors and volunteers.

Sr Margaret Mary said that Eileen’s is “a story waiting to be told and now we have the opportunity to tell it.”

“This is simply wonderful news and my sister companions and I are extremely happy that Eileen has been recognised in this way,” she said.

“Eileen has always belonged to the people of God, not us, and we pray that she becomes a ray of sunshine to the faithful today as she was in her short life.

“We are extremely grateful to Archbishop Fisher and Bishop Randazzo.

“May she inspire many others to devote themselves to the needs of the outcast and forgotten as her own life becomes better known.”

For Eileen to be beatified, a miracle would have to be rigorously investigated and scientifically approved by Vatican experts.

Such miracles are usually medical cures of terminal illnesses which are scientifically inexplicable in the eyes of experts.

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