Cardinal's message of hope

The haves versus the have-nots is a debate that has been going on for centuries, and the haves always seem to come out on top – but have we got it all wrong?

The Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, seems to think so. Cardinal Tagle said he is reminded of the true meaning of hope and humanity by people living in situations that most of the world would regard as hopeless.

“The poor know the frustrations of dreaming and working hard with not much result,” Cardinal Tagle said. “They are betrayed by persons and institutions. But in their raw poverty, what is left for them is their humanity. They remind all of us that being human is our true and only wealth.”

While anyone can be tempted to see the fulfilment of hope in accomplishments, improved numbers and bigger bank balances, the poor celebrate the gift of life. Cardinal Tagle believes this is the secret of their enduring and persistent hope – something that those who enjoy comfortable living, yet complain unceasingly, should discover.

Cardinal Tagle asserts that of the many challenges to hope, pride is the most dangerous. He believes pride weakens faith that gives assurance to hope.

“Pride makes us think we can do better than god and makes us place our hope in ourselves.

“Whether personal or institutional, pride depletes hope,” the Cardinal said.

Cardinal Tagle moved to Manila after 10 years as bishop in his home diocese, Imus. He has served as Archbishop of Manila for six years and five years as a cardinal. Cardinal Tagle is also the President of Caritas Internationalis.

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