Waiting for Christmas

At the invitation of catechists from Holy Trinity Parish, students from San Clemente High School planned a Christmas Assembly for students of Waratah Public School.

Designed around the Jesse Tree and the Advent Wreath, the assembly engaged the young students in words, symbols and song with the focus on finding Christ in Christmas. Encouraged and supported by Religious Education Co-ordinator, Rose McAllister, the teenagers presented the themes of joy, peace, love and hope and invited us to prepare for Christmas in positive and productive ways. Phillipa Batchelor, a teacher from Waratah, was impressed with how appropriate the presentation was for the primary school students. Catechists Carl Nolan, Judith North and Neil McGoldrick were delighted to have the Catholic students’ youthful creativity in presenting their final scripture lesson for the year.  How good it is to see teenagers sharing their faith with younger children at this special time of year!

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