Walk in the Footsteps of Bishop James Murray

It is 150 years since the arrival of the first resident bishop of Maitland, Bishop James Murray. To celebrate this occasion, please join a pilgrimage walk tracing the route of Murray's carriage journey upon arrival in 1866 to take up his Bishopric of Maitland, and claim St John the Baptist church as his cathedral.

The guided pilgrimage, 12.4kms approx., will take place on Saturday 29 October. Registered pilgrims will gather at Corcoran Parish Centre, George St, Morpeth from 8.00am, with the expectation that the last pilgrims will arrive around 3.45pm at St John’s, Church Street, Maitland.

Along the route, there will be planned stops, where pilgrims will encounter ‘Voice from the Past’ presentations from significant persons and events associated with the early days of the then Diocese of Maitland. We will hear the words and views of Bishop James Murray, Maitland’s Irish, Caroline Chisholm, Sr Hyacinth Donnellan OP and a Horseshoe Bend resident. These voices will allow us to imagine what life would have been like at that time, and the challenges the people would have faced.

There is also a shorter walk option for those who would just like to join the end of the pilgrimage. Register and walk from Ministers Park, High St Maitland for a flat 1.5kms.


Registrations are open from now until 30 September at mn.catholic.org.au/150yearspilgrimage

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Brooke Robinson

Brooke is Content Officer for the Communications Team in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle