Fr Rob Galea visits Taree

After a year of planning Fr Rob Galea, Joseph Moorhouse and Zebedee Fernandez arrived in our parish of Taree.

A busy schedule had been planned starting with a welcome dinner on Thursday 2nd June where Fr Rob was the guest speaker, talking about his work with Youth Ministry and also how he became involved in the music industry.  He also sang two of his songs which just whet the appetite of those who were attending the concert on the Friday evening at the Manning Entertainment Centre.


On Friday morning, 3rd June, Fr. Rob celebrated Mass with our parish priest, Fr George Anthicadu, and then headed off to attend the school Assembly at St Joseph’s Primary School Taree.  He enthralled the children with the message of how valuable and awesome they are.  They joined in very enthusiastically with him in his songs and even performed one of his songs for him!


The 1.00pm concert at the Manning Entertainment Centre was attended by more than 400 students and teachers.  Again, he ministered to the students a wonderful message of humility and faith and had the whole audience dancing in the seats.  The students were in awe of his wonderful singing talent and spirituality.


The evening concert for the community in general was a fantastic celebration of Fr Rob’s life and ministry through music and song. Each song was different but had a similar message: “the love of Jesus for us and our need to embrace his goodness and grace in our lives”.  He had the young and the “not so young” literally rocking in their seats and everybody was engrossed in him and the message he delivered.


What a great blessing it was to have this extraordinary young priest in our parish, telling his story of love, hope and faith with his music.  Hopefully we will be able to have him visit us again in the future.

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