Learning about being road safe

Transport for NSW funds a Road Safety Education Program that provides educational resources and professional development to teachers throughout NSW. As primary aged children are still developing an understanding of danger and safety it is important to help them develop skills to be safe pedestrians, passengers and riders.

Throughout 2023, 27 primary schools in our Diocese were involved in road safety initiatives to increase student knowledge and awareness. Some of the projects included Walk Safely to School Day, Bus Safety week, Bike Week and Kinder Orientation. Each of the schools used the SafetyTown website that is full of information, resources and support. There is also a section for families – https://www.safetytown.com.au/families/

St Joseph’s Charlestown ran an interactive, practical workshop giving their students not only informative, current, best practice information but provided an opportunity for the students to put their new skills and knowledge to the test. Students learnt the safe way to wear a helmet and to check their bike before riding, navigated through give way signs and traffic lights and learnt new skills when on their bike. They are all set for safe bike riding these holidays.


Take a look at their recap here.

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