Profitable parenting - Taking risks and asking questions

Parents and carers are invited to take part in free, online presentations that will empower you with engaging and practical ways to raise your child or young person to be
resilient and ready to take on the world!

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle’s Federation of P & F Associations has invited teacher and high-profile author, Daisy Turnbull, to share practical advice with parents and carers on ways you can develop your child’s independence and confidence.

Daisy’s presentations will draw on the knowledge of some of the world’s leading psychologists, but it’s her relatable style and realistic suggestions that reflect her experience as both a parent and the Director of Wellbeing in schools that will leave you feeling empowered to navigate the modern-day challenges associated with raising children and teens.

Session 1:


Most suitable for parents and carers of children ages 5-10 years

In this session, Daisy will encourage parents and carers to get outside their comfort zone, by encouraging their children to take more risks. She’ll explain how this approach helps nurture kids’ independence and resilience, by teaching them to recognise and assess consequences for themselves, readying them for life and all that it brings.

Attendees will leave this session with loads of fun ideas on ways that they can connect with their children that will also help to build their young one’s physical and social skills, responsibility, and character.

Session 2:


Most suitable for parents and carers of young people ages 11-18 years.

This session is for parents and carers seeking to build a stronger connection with their tweens and teens. Daisy will help parents and carers to better understand the social and emotional needs of young people and provide them with ideas on how they can help them to navigate common concerns that arise during adolescence including friendships, consent, self-compassion, managing conflict, mental health, boundaries and media influences.

Attendees will leave this session with (realistic) conversation starters that will promote their teens’ awareness of the world and encourage them to take responsibility and understand consequences and risks in a fast-changing world.

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