Primary Touch Football News

Girls Undefeated at Polding Touch! 

A huge congratulations to the students who competed at the Primary Polding Touch Trials in Parkes. All teams represented the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle with pride and skill throughout the day. 

The boys team showcased their sportsmanship and strong skillsets. Their team efforts resulted in collective victories and individual achievements.

We congratulate the following students on their Polding selection:

  • Seth Greenup
  • Jake Hedges
  • Noah Solman
  • Quinn Neyland
  • Phoenix Russell.

The girls team performed outstandingly as they remained undefeated across the board. The girls showcased their skills, working as team and playing to a very high standard.

Seven girls progressed to the selection game:

Scarlett Clydesdale, Audrey O'Brian, Evie Battle, Sofia Christie, Annie Lidbury, Quinn Neyland and Phoenix Russell.

We congratulate the following students on their Polding selection:

  • Sofia Christie
  • Annie Lidbury
  • Quinn Neyland
  • Phoenix Russell

Thanks to Mrs Zoe Parish and Mrs Mel Lidbury for their committed coaching and managing and thank you to all families for their commitment to Catholic School sport and supporting their children to represent the diocese.


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