Students take the stage for the Diocesan Theatresports Competition

Spirits were high last week as 35 teams from nine schools across the diocese competed in the Annual Theatresports Competition at St Pius X High School in Adamstown.

The competition is open to elective drama students from Years 9 – 11 for a day of improvisation games and exercises, where teams are scored on how well they can entertain, create and sustain a plot, and utilise their technical game skills.

Alana Partridge is the Education Officer at the Catholic Schools Office. She says it is great day for students to support each other and to get the opportunity to perform and test the improvisation skills they have been practicing. 

“It’s a day showcasing and celebrating teamwork, creativity and theatrical knowledge,” Ms Partridge said.

“Students were able to practice and perform the skills they have been working on in their classes. It’s not so much about the winning, but the joy in watching and learning from each other. The students in younger years were dazzled by the skills of the older students, while the older students urged the younger students to try new things and experiment with their voices and the concepts surrounding physical theatre.

“The whole theatre was buzzing with excitement and positivity; students supporting each other, laughing and learning.”

Check out the photos from the competition in the gallery below!

Photographs by Callam Howard, Drama Teacher at St Clare's Taree.

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